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Body Massage Centre in Jaipur, Massage Parlour in Jaipur

A body massage denotes a full-body treatment which involves some professional techniques. It helps to reduce muscle soreness, promote relaxation as well as eliminate stress. It is a form of therapy used by professionals that improve blood circulation. In the last few years, full-body massage has become one of the best techniques to make the body fit. Many renowned persons in Jaipur want to take full body massage thus we have all the information about full body massage in Jaipur. The benefits of it cannot be ignored as it improves the entire process of the body by enhancing oxygen circulation.  This article aims to discuss factors that are involved in body massage and will also shed light on the best body massage. The top ten types of body massages will be discussed in this article and the best places where you can get the best body massages in Jaipur.

What is a full-body massage?

A full-body massage involves the massage of the entire body including the chest, back, legs, and arms.  Some agencies also provide glut massages as a part of it you can discuss with agencies before taking massages. It has several benefits such as reducing stress, blood circulation, improving sleep, and relieving muscle injury. Most customers come to take body massages for improving sleep and relieving muscle injury. When it comes to players, they mostly come to reduce their muscle injuries for better performance in the field.

According to a CDC report, Americans take it to improve their sleep as they don’t get sufficient sleep. As a full-body massage improves muscles it enhances oxygenation of cells by improving the blood flow. It makes the body more flexible thus it has a major significance as a treatment. You need to follow all the things given by the agency. Once you complete a body massage you can feel relaxation.

Top 10 types of body massage we provide in Jaipur

If you are thinking of getting the best body massage with music, fragrant oil, and tranquil lighting you need to choose agencies based on your requirements. The ten best types of massages are discussed below:

Swedish Massage in Jaipur

The form of massage is also known as classic massage in Jaipur as it is a classic treatment with soft tissues which helps to restore health. It is one of the effective massages which create calming and balancing effects on the nervous system. This massage has five techniques which include stroking & gliding, rubbing, tapping, vibration and kneading. The form of massage has come into place to improve muscles and blood circulation. Unlike Tissue massage, it uses softer strokes during massage.

It has several benefits such as it eases muscle pains, reducing emotional and physical stress, and improving blood circulation. It helps to flourish out toxins from the body that helps to reduce muscle pains. On the other hand, it keeps ligaments and tendons supple in terms of improving motion. The massage takes 60 min or 90 min and you will get significant time to change privately and lie down on the bed.

In this kind of massage, your therapists will analyse your skin type before using essential oil or lotion on your body. They use oils or lotions based on the skin so that it can suit. Most therapists are sensitive and they value their customers’ requirements. It is suggested to drink plenty of water after the massage as it flourishes out toxins.

Deep Tissue Massage Parlour in Jaipur

Depp Tissue massage is a powerful massage that stays long than any other massage. It has some specifications and purposes such as helping to manage pain and accelerating the range of motion. It is the most suitable one for sports people. When it comes to its benefits, it reduces high blood pressure, manages back pain, recovers injuries in the body and it is suitable for pregnant ladies.

The massage targets deep areas of muscles with its unique techniques. Compared to Swedish massage the relaxation stays long while Swedish massage is for general relaxation. It targets pressure points to reduce pain and injuries. Sports persons can take this massage to improve their performance by reducing their pain. It also helps to digest food and improve respiratory function. On the other hand, it is also beneficial for pregnant ladies as it helps to reduce pain during childbirth.
Deep Tissue massage has some risks that should not be ignored. For instance, any old person cannot take the massage and it can cause bone fractures, nerve injuries, and hernia. Thus it can be said that although it is a deep treatment for injuries and back pains it has some side effects.

Aromatherapy Massage service in Jaipur

Aromatherapy is a type of Swedish massage which uses essential oils. It mostly uses the plant’s website. It aims to provide relaxation and mindfulness to the person. This massage is also beneficial for the skin as it helps to improve the skin and wounds. When it comes to essential oil, it is a mixture of normal oil and handmade oil which helps to heal and clean the properties of skin. The main benefit of massage is relaxation by reducing anxiety and headaches.
The therapist of this type of massage interprets the history of the oil that is going to use. They provide choices regarding essential oils. On the other hand, they recommend oil based on your skin type that can help you heal your skin. The oil they usually us extracts from sandalwood, tea tree, lemon, jasmine, wintergreen and many other trees. Often people ask whether it is good or not as it uses natural oils.

It is safe as no chemical use in this oil but if you have any allergic reaction due to any oil you can say. The oil is used based on requirements as each oil has a different purpose. For instance, Tea Tree oil uses to boost the immune system while sandalwood uses to calm down the nervous system.
Hot stone Massage

In Jaipur, you can get different types of massage services based on your requirements. The hot stone massage is a special massage service where heated basalt stones are used. In the massage the stones are placed on the spine, palms of the hands, and legs as well as between toes. This massage has several benefits as it improves tensed muscles and damaged tissues throughout the body.

The heat has been used to reduce tension and pain from the body and it increases blood flow to the affected area. It makes the body flexible by increasing the range of motion. On the other hand, cold therapy is also provided to relieve inflation.  If you are suffering from any kind of issues the treatment is provided based on the symptoms.

In 2006 it was reported that this form of massage works as an alternative pill for sleeping. The research showed that massage helps to promote sleep by reducing tension and anxiety in the mind as well as the body. Hot stone massage has a major benefit as it decreases the chances of cancer even if it reduces substantial symptoms.

Shiatsu Massage Centre in Jaipur

Shiatsu Massage is a form of massage which is done on the arms, thumb and other body parts. In this massage, no oil is used and it is formed through loose clothes. This is considered one of the oldest forms of massage among different kinds of therapies. Healthcare professionals take it as an alternative form of acupressure. Practitioners explain the session before starting and perform it based on the energy of the person.
It is one of the best therapies that improve the overall health of the person. It aims to improve hay fever, constant colds, skin conditions, fatigue, muscle tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and many other diseases. As it is a dry massage thus the risks of the massage are less than any other massage forms. Compared to Thai massage it is traditional massage with different traditional practices.
Shiatsu massage has been adopted from Japan which aims to stabilise a person by improving overall health condition. When it comes to the speciality of massage it increases mobility and function of joints and muscles. This massage is effective for those who want to recover from illness.

Sports Massage service in Jaipur

The name itself expresses its speciality as it is mostly taken by sports persons. It reduces pain and increases blood circulation by reducing muscle tension. This form of massage is the most appropriate one for players to keep their bodies reliable. If you are a player and want to take this form of massage choose a therapist properly in Jaipur as a small number of centres offer it.
This form of massage targets muscles and spin with smooth strokes. Most athlete players take this massage for their regular physical activities. It requires repetitive movements to relieve the muscles and reduce jarring and pain. Like deep tissue massage, it is beneficial for players as well as for common persons who are going through pain.
Many think of this form of massage as physiotherapy as qualified chartered physiotherapists perform this massage. It is a treatment which involves manipulation through soft tissues in terms of relieving issues and pains in muscles. On the other hand, it helps to improve sore muscles efficiently and treat injuries in muscles. If you want to take this massage consult doctors about whether you can take it or not based on your issues.

Reflexology Massage center in Jaipur

Reflexology massage is also called zone therapy which is an alternative medical practice. It targets points of feet, arms, ears and hands. It is claimed that the form of massage manipulates energy according to scientific evidence. One of the key benefits of the massage is that it improves digestion, eyestrain, manages pain and more.
The biggest benefit of the massage is probably lying on the feet. Once the massage is finished it feels relaxed. On the other hand, it helps to reverse some stress in terms of improving eyestrains. Many take it as a treatment for their health issues. Compared to other massage, it is different as many consultants take it as a complementary treatment. In Jaipur, you can get this type of treatment.
When you are going to take this massage consult doctors or other consultants before taking this massage. As every massage has some purpose you need to detect the causes in your body. This message has some side effects such as strong emotions, crying or feeling tearful, nausea and more. Apart from these, it causes circulatory issues, gout, painful skin conditions, and many more issues.

Lymphatic Massage service in Jaipur

Lymphatic massage is a gentle massage that aims to encourage drainage. It is a specialized massage which helps to recover lymphedema. This form of massage improves the flow of lymph fluid which aims to reduce swelling. It has several benefits such as it improves skin. It is a medical therapy and part of treatment and a doctor may recommend this massage. It is often considered to be an effective plan for breast treatment.
It is useful for lymphatic breathing and improves the front neck. It has a number of benefits for the human body. Many doctors often recommend this form of massage to patients for fast recovery. Many confuse this with table massage but it is an appropriate one and more relevant than table massage.
A medical professional suggests taking this form of massage once a month for managing lymphedema. However, a person can start to get lymphatic drainage massage with a trained professional. As it does not have any risks thus people can start it at their home according to the suggestion of medical practitioners.

What is the best type of body massage?

There are different types of agencies in the city where you can get different types of massages. You need to discuss it with the agency regarding it based on your requirements and budget. Although Swedish massage is considered one of the common body massage types in the city but Depp tissue massage is the most effective one. Those who want to improve their muscles can get this massage as it is a strong tool to get relaxation. On the other hand, Swedish massage is common therapy which is also known as simple massage.

Deep Tissue Massage has particular purposes which include sports injuries and back pain. This message is especially for sports persons who want to reduce their pain and injuries as well as relaxation. Although body massage requires some conditions based on which it is done you can get deep tissue massage for reducing your pain as well as stress.


The article has discussed various kinds of massages in Jaipur. Jaipur has several massage centres that provide the best massages to its customers. A full-body massage is beneficial for health, muscles, pains and sleep.  As there are different types of massages thus you need to choose one based on your budget and requirements. A therapist uses essential oils on massage if you are not comfortable with the oil or if you have allergic issues you can let them know. They use oils as a massage to reduce your issues in the body. It not only heals pains and wounds but also promotes sleep by reducing tension and anxiety in the body and mind. Thus it can be concluded that a full-body massage is necessary for sportspersons as well as those persons who want to improve their issues on body.

What is full body massage in Jaipur?
Ans: A full-body massage involves the massage of the entire body including the chest, back, legs, and arms. It has several benefits such as reducing stress, blood circulation, improving sleep, and relieving muscle injury.

What is the best type of body massage?
Ans: Deep tissue massage is considered to be the best one among all types of massages. Compared to Swedish massage Deep tissue massage has some purposes and it is especially for sports persons who want to reduce their pain and injuries as well as relaxation.

Which is the most affordable body massage?
Ans: The price of body massage depends on which massage you want to take. For instance, if you want to take a Swedish massage it costs you 800 rupees onwards while an Ayurvedic massage costs 1000 onwards. On the other hand, Deep tissue massage costs 1200 onwards in Jaipur.

What is the difference between a Spa and a Massage?
Ans: Many have queries regarding this while some assume it is the same thing. Body spa helps to polish the body to look clean and makes to skin beautiful while massage repairs it from the inside by improving blood circulation.

How much do I need to pay for a massage in Jaipur?
Ans: The amount of massage depends on which kind of massage you want and what is your purpose of massage.

Do I wear clothes during body massage?
Ans: Loose clothes are comfortable for body massage while many agencies provide their clothes for full-body massage. You can also inform them of your comfort level during your appointment.

Does body massage include arms and legs?
Ans: Yes, full body massage includes the entire parts of the body. Agencies have different kinds of services based on customer requirements.

Does full body massage include breast?
Ans: In full-body massage, the area of the breast includes the breasts do not include themselves although if you want to take you can let them know.

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